Да, я Маули (Yes, I am Mauli)

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Духовное паломничество “Ashadhichi Wari” проходит ежегодно в индийском штате Махараштра. В нем принимают участие миллионы верующих. Этой традиции уже свыше 800 лет.

“Ashadhichi Wari” is a yearly event which takes place every year in the state of Maharashtra, India. This is a spiritual journey in which millions of people across the state and many parts of the country take part. This journey starts from a small town of Alandi in Pune district and ends at Pandharpur, Solapur district, covering the distance of approximately 250 km. Millions of people walk on foot along with the footprints of saint Dnyaneshwar. This tradition has a history of more than 800 years. People who walk in this ‘wari’ are called as warkaris.
Suhas Jahagirdar, the producer/Director of this documentary film decided to take part in this journey. When he started walking alone, he had no intention of shooting videos or making a documentary, his only intention was to go through the spiritual experience himself. Obviously he had neither a technical team nor any shooting equipment with him. But, he could not hold back recording his experiences and shooting videos on his cell phone. He found the whole experience so mesmerizing and life transforming that he decided to edit them and make a life transforming documentary on it, resulting in the form of film “Yes, I am Mauli”.

Режиссер: Сухас Джахагирдар (Suhas Vasant Jahagirdar)


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