Медиаэкспедиция «Путь нефти» (Media expedition «The Way of Oil»)

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Видеодневник Международной медиаэкспедиции «Путь нефти». За 24 дня путешествия : нефтяные месторождения, музеи, учебные заведения, крупные города и маленькие города, много работы, смеха, волнений, радости и немного грусти.

It has been a month since we returned from our trip and now we finally want to present you the video diary of the International Media Expedition «The Way of Oil».

Wandered for 24 days — a fairly serious period of time. During this period, we have seen different things: oil fields, museums, educational institutions, large cities and small towns. We experienced a lot: worked hard, laughed, worried, rejoiced and a little sad.

About all this, our documentary mini-film.

Режиссер: Павел Новиков (Pavel Novikov)

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