Latitude 70

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Latitude 70 is a documentary that takes us on the fascinating journey of the couple Roy and Michelle, who traveled the world for over three years and four months, traveling 141 thousand kilometers in a total of 51 countries. In this, which was the couple’s second trip around the world by car, the main objective was to reach, by driving, three Latitudes 70°N – one in Alaska, one in Norway and one in Siberia. In their constant search for great challenges, the couple faces remote regions that few dare to visit, arriving where, literally, the roads end.

The film draws in parallels the three attempts on Latitude 70, involving the viewer in a story of perseverance, ranging from encounters with bears in Alaska to the monotony of good roads in breathtaking landscapes in Norway. Siberia’s Latitude 70, the most challenging of the three, is a stunning portrait of extremes: as there are no roads that reach this far north, the only way to reach their goal is to drive over frozen rivers. Determined, they face the Siberian winter in the coldest inhabited location in the world. Roy and Michelle endure extreme conditions, with temperatures reaching –55⁰ C, forcing them, to ensure their survival, to keep the car running for 40 consecutive days.

The documentary allows us to closely follow their struggles, achievements and moments of connection with the people they meet along the way. Latitude 70 is a moving and inspiring story of courage, determination and passion for exploration. The film takes us beyond known limits and shows us how, to achieve a simple ideal, we subject ourselves to experiences and learning never before imagined.

Get ready to embark on this journey of challenges and discoveries, which will awaken in you the desire to go in search of your own Latitude 70.

Director: Roy Rudnick, Michelle Francine Weiss