The Jury

Festival jury

Jeremy Workman (USA) is an American filmmaker and editor. His documentary films frequently focus on eccentrics, outsiders, and those with extreme passions. His films include The World Before Your FeetMagical Universe, and Who Is Henry Jaglom? In most of his films, Workman serves as the director, cinematographer, and editor. Founded by Robert Lyons and Jeremy Workman, WHEELHOUSE CREATIVE is a full-service boutique movie marketing company specializing in the creation of theatrical trailers, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and all aspects of visual media.

Ivan Bekhtev (Russia) – editor-in-chief of the Travel+Adventure TV channel

Pavel Selin (Russia) is a Russian television journalist who hosts the “Russo Latino” travel program on the “Friday” channel. He worked in programs “The Day After”, “Russian Sensations”, “Maximum”, “Today”, “The Main Hero” and hosted his own show “The Last Word” on NTV channel.

Alexey Slashchev, (Russia) chairman of the board of directors of the Auto Rolina group of companies, member of the Russian Geographical Society, jury member of the annual national Top 5 Auto business experts award, creator and manager of the Autopilot project at Kommersant FM radio station, expert of Autopilot magazine, The newspaper Kommersant Avto, the head of the auto project on the Kommersant TV channel. He is actively involved in the promotion of electric transport and infrastructure for these cars.

Vladimir Sevrinovsky (Russia) – Ph.D. in Economics, journalist, photographer, documentary film producer. In 2011, left a successful career in business to become a traveler and freelance journalist. He visited all the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and wrote dozens of articles awarded journalistic prizes. Later he began to illustrate them with his own photographs. It is regularly published both in the information media (Meduza, Russian reporter, TASS) and in specialized in photography (National Geographic, Bird in Flight). The main area of ​​expertise is the North Caucasus, and also organizes expeditions to other regions of Russia. He collaborates with television companies in Switzerland, Great Britain, France and Germany, and also manages the direction of Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan of the Kavkaz Exploer travel company, a leader in inbound tourism in the North Caucasus.


Yana Salacinska (Russia) – program director of Ocean-tv channel. Member of the jury of the festival “Vivat, Russia”, one of the organizers of the international film festival “Ocean film fest”.

Elena Sergeeva (Russia) – Editor-in-chief of the travel portal TRIP2RUS.RU -Travel at home, project Manager of the Eurasian Union of travel industry specialists

Gennady Ivanov – Producer of the Film School of Alexander Mitta.
The director of the series “The Game”. The short film “Four Words” gained more than 15.6 million views on