Winners 2020

Best Director

Michael Dillon «Ocean to Sky» (Australia)

Best Cinematography

Roman Droux “Bear-like” (Switzerland)

Best Short Film

Dennis Schmelz “Transsiberian Dream” (Germany)

Best Short Documentary

Shy Brameli “India on a rickshaw” (Israel)

Best TV Pilot / Web Series

Rajeev Thottippully “The Other Side : Mountaineer” (United Arab Emirates)

Best Commercials

Mariia Popritsak «Rossiya Airlines» (Russia)

Best Music Video

Christian Ghammachi “Adventures of Aya – Iceland” (United Arab Emirates)

Best Video Guide

Charles Love “Exploring Ethiopia” (USA)

Best film about travels in Russia

Vladimir Chebanov “Shantar Expedition” (Russia)

Best Documentary

Kristina Kozlova «The high-altitude gene or how to get to Everest» (Russia)